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17 views and no comments, So I'll step in. While the areas we use are public land and open to anyone's use. We(Cruise Moab) as an event operate under a special permit that allows a certain number of vehicles on each trail per day. Our permit is always in jeopardy and the BLM watches us carefully for violations. There are other things like TLCA membership and insurance issues. I am not trying to discourage you from visiting Moab during the time we are there. But, I'll ask that you make your best effort to choose trails that we are not using for the event. Or at least avoid running into us while we are on trail. As a trail leader it's difficult to tell some one that we meet on the trail, "Sorry, but No you can't follow us." Please try not to put the Trail Leaders and organizers in that situation. We promote responsible land use and as such have to abide by the regulations.

Others will chime in with their thoughts. I'm sorry. Please visit our "events planning" and join us for another trail this summer, Farnham St John (not part of the CM committee)

feel free to delete this post if I am speaking out of place.
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