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Default Titling

I'm thinking forward to the titling process for my aforementioned 72 FJ40. I bought it 4 yrs ago w/o the title. PO indicated that he had it titled at one time as a collector vehicle but he could not find any paperwork. I'm fairly certain he was truthful.

Anyways, I went down to the DMV and understand the process but I have a couple of questions maybe someone that has been through this can help me with.

1. Is there any way of finding out who hold the current title without going through the DMV?
2. I need a certified VIN inspection and there are only 3 places listed in the DMV paperwork in the Denver area that do this. To save me the hassle of drving it or towing it down there, is it possible to have an officer drop by the house to do it? I have heard that they do this, but the DMV instructions are pretty specific about taking it down to one of these places.

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