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Thanks for the info.

Just just in from the "Too Good to be True" file:

Just got off of the phone with them. Things have definitely changed in the last year. They said that the states they have been able to do their transactions through have been slowly disappearing. They were down to three last year, and now only one (not sure which). He said that this was due to new Homeland Security restrictions. Anyway, this one last state charges sales tax so I would have to pay sales tax based on the average value of a 1972 Toyota FJ40 which he said the state values at $14,900!!!!! He said a primo cruiser would be valued at $21,800, and a junker at $6,500. Unbelievable. I paid $600.00 but I guess that does not matter. Total fees were over $1200.00. Yikes.

You were real fortunate to get yours done when you did.

BTW, I tried to contact the P.O. but apparently he has gone underground!

Guess it back to the DMV for me.

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