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Originally Posted by BryanF View Post
I'll be staying at the Days Inn in Evergreen exit 262. 16 hours is all I can stand in 1 day. Planning to leave about 5am, that should put me in Denver around 8. Who's gonna be heading out to BFE on Wed morning? Wanting to go early cause we'll be buying groceries and beer in Moab, plus anything I have forgotten. Hoping to throw the tent and stuff and get a run in Wed evening if anyone is willing to lead a foreigner.

You're not going to be in Evergreen, you'll still be down in town, Lakewood actually... in fact you'll be able to look across Colfax from your hotel and see a huge dealer- Stevenson Toyota West.. that's where we have our meetings. Evergreen exit is 252, 10 miles west and 2000' up.

to Randy's point, if you want to stock up on one exit before your hotel is Youngfield (263?), and Applejack Liquor is there which is a pretty big store. There's also a grocery store and a Walmart in that same strip.. and a Noodles, and a bank, and 20 other stores for that matter.
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