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Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post
I have some spare jets. Let me know what sizes you decide to run and I'll see what I have.
Originally Posted by cbmontgo View Post
I've read that some people up here use 1.08 mm primary jets (maybe see if you have a size close to that?), but do I also need to change out the power valve and the slow valve?
Once you decide what you want to run, I'll check what I have that you need. It all begins with first learning what you have in there.

I am assuming this is your new FJ40 from AZ. Before diving into the carb rebuild have you gone through some tune up basics and checked for vacuum leaks? New plugs, dizzy cap, rotor, points (if you don't have electronic ignition), valve adjustment and timing check will give you a good baseline. Fresh 15w40 and filter don't hurt. If there are any vacuum leaks, you will not ever get the carb working well until they are gone.
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