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Originally Posted by RicardoJM View Post
Once you decide what you want to run, I'll check what I have that you need. It all begins with first learning what you have in there.

I am assuming this is your new FJ40 from AZ. Before diving into the carb rebuild have you gone through some tune up basics and checked for vacuum leaks? New plugs, dizzy cap, rotor, points (if you don't have electronic ignition), valve adjustment and timing check will give you a good baseline. Fresh 15w40 and filter don't hurt. If there are any vacuum leaks, you will not ever get the carb working well until they are gone.
I am trying to order the cap, rotor, wires, etc. from Go Toyota on Arapahoe, but they are taking forever and don't seem to be very interested in my business. I really don't want to buy aftermarket if I can avoid it. I did change the oil and filter yesterday. Have not checked timing or adjusted valves yet.

I have visually inspected for vacuum leaks, but it's really strange that it had a hard time starting in Phoenix to be loaded onto the truck after it ran perfectly for 100 miles when I picked it up in Congress, AZ. Could this be an intake manifold crack causing the vaccum leak? I figure that it needed a carb rebuild anyway and I can at least isolate that as an issue. My FJ60 acted similarly when it needed a rebuild.
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