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Thanks guys, and thank you Jeff for the Groove Toyota recommendation. I am trying to avoid mudslinging here, but Go Toyota has given me crap service so far. They don't seem to understand that a load of FJ40 parts may bring in more revenue that an engine overhaul on a Scion, but I see where we "old schoolers" stand now.

On another note, I got my 40 running great today. Turns out the choke had been tampered with by the shipper and the linkage had been manually pulled into place in full choke "mode". This gave me a very rich mixture and a very high idle. Funny that the philips choke cable screw was stripped recently as well. Someone knew that they screwed it up.

I am still going to rebuild the carb, but I may try the emissions test before I rejet and see if I pass or fail. This should be a good indicator of a rich mixture I assume? It may help me get it dialed in just right.
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