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Got the air bags figured out. They are pretty cool, we will see if they extend enough. If not... hopefully they will act like limiting straps instead of pinatas.

Had to change the right rear inner axle seal AGAIN . This time I modified a Marlin seal to fit the FRORF adapter. NO idea why it failed, but obviously SOMEthing is different back there. So we'll see.

Changed the rear 90wt just on a whim, glad I did. Found a couple small chips of steel on the magnet . I am REALLY hoping it is leftover shrapnel from last year. I cleaned out the axle housing but you can only do so much unless you take everything completely apart and go to the carwash... even then.

Da Boy is bringing his trials bike, should be entertaining. Gotta rig a bike rack receiver on the camper I think. That's it. Not leaving till next week, due to some commitments.
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