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Originally Posted by RockRunner View Post
If you have an extra battery bring it along and get a power plug. That way you can leave it running 24/7 and if the battery runs low you can charge it with your rig. Just an idea. If you don't have one maybe pick up a really cheap one at Wally mart, you know you always need an extra battery
I was actually thinking of that as amongst the options. I do have a spare yellow top, and also have a 1800W inverter. But the electric cooler runs on 12v direct (plugs into a cigarette lighter outlet) and has an AC PS I normally use at Slickrock or Spanish Trails. But converting from 12VDC > 120AC > 12DC is silly due to inefficiencies. The thing I REALLY like about the electric cooler is that it is dry - no soggy sandwich bread floating around. It's not an Engle/ARB, just a regular Coleman with solid state heat pump and small fan. It has served me very well over the past 10 Cruise Moabs and keeps things around 40 F cooler than ambient. Get back from the trail, and there is a cold one waiting for me. Wake up in the morning and my lunchmeat is good to go to make sandwiches.

But like I wrote above, I'm not about to go wheeling with a coolerfull of beer. Just not going to happen.

My laptop and cell don't take very long to recharge so I'm not too concerned about those. I have a TLCA board meeting to conduct Thursday evening and figure on having to drive back close to 191 to get coverage.

My Mom has a great expression she uses in her sig line:

"Do what you can, where you are, with what you've got"

It'll definitely be new and different at BFE. I expect some new pluses and some new minuses, and am hoping the former outweigh the latter.
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