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Default FJ40 Storage idea... What do you think?

I am always looking for any way to add storage to my 40. During the summer I like to have everything out of plain sight but still accessable. I have never had a problem with theft, nor do I wish to start.

I had an idea today as I was looking through a Midway USA catalog at carbine storage cases. What if I bolted one of these to my summer tailgate and used it as a soft storage spot for things like, jumper cables, first aid, tow strap a shackle or two, a tool wrap etc...

What do you think? If I punch a few holes, add a few grommets, and perhaps add a stiffening sheet of some sort to spread the load, I think it'd work... pretty well actually.

What do you think? I am afraid of attracting attention just because it looks tacti-cool and "there could be a firearm in there!" I don't want people snooping around because they think there is something more valuable to steal.

What do you think, I can land one for around 50-60 bucks, and I think it'd really fit the "summer-time tailgate" season well. Especially since you could add other pouches as needed for different things, like a nalgene bottle, or radio's... the possibilities seem endless.
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