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Default New guy in these parts

Hey all,

I'm new. No idea if this is where this should go. I'm a lurker on Colorado 4x4 and was active on Jeep Forum up until about a month ago when I sold my TJ and a Saab friend pointed me in this direction.

Anyway, had a 98 Wrangler Sahara that I dumped too much money into (axle swap, armor, 35's, etc.). I built it while living in Iowa for a year to keep from offing myself. Here's a pic:

I broke a cheap locker while winter wheeling and had to leave the rig for a couple days. Upon retrieval I decided it was time to get my money out of that since I never drove it.

Flash forward to March when I finally fixed the thing and sold it. Still trying to clear out parts, but getting closer. In the mean time we adopted a Great Dane and quickly figured out he wouldn't fit in my Subaru Outback, especially with our American mastiff mix. Here's them for grins:

After selling the Jeep we searched for a bigger vehicle. Somehow I convinced my wife to let me get this instead of a Honda Pilot:

2000 7.3L Diesel Excursion . Enough to tow whatever I want and fill with almost everything I own. Stoked. About 15 minutes after getting that I decided I really needed a trail rig too, we quite enjoy our trail rides, so I started looking again. Almost got an 85 XJ on 40's, but the kid was kind of a douche, so I bailed. Then I found this:

I'm guessing most of you saw it on Craigslist, 83 FJ60 with 157k on the clock, SOA on 37's. It could use a regear and has a dirty interior, but man it's fun. I got a good price, so I went for it. Now here it sits:

Doesn't fit in the garage, has a boogered parking brake, but I love it. It'll be painted sometime in the near future and I should probably fix the gear ratio, otherwise I'm planning on leaving it alone. Any suggestions? Thanks kids,


Cliffnotes: I bought a big truck. Check the pics.
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