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Originally Posted by Rezarf View Post
Martin, where are you sourcing those? I like that I can open the soft cases from the top and store stuff down inside them. My tailgate is fixed and doesn't fold down, otherwise that'd be a sweet setup.

What do they typically run $$$?
I've seen a few people on Ebay that had these surplus cases in all sorts of sizes. They seem to run anywhere from $25-$200 depending on the size/condition. Shipping can be harsh on the bigger ones, but not too bad on smaller sizes, which would work better in a rig or on a rack. Do an Ebay search for Hardigg.

I didn't know your tailgate didn't drop. I think those soft bags you posted would work great for that.

Currently in my 40, I'm using rubbermaid bins and a canvas tarp over everything with a bungee web holding everything down and keeping the dust out. Works great (except no rear seats possible). You can sort of see it in this pic, heavily loaded down with gear on our Wyoming excursion last year:


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