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Default Thanks Everyone!

Stacy and I wanted to shout a big THANK YOU for Nathaniel and Andrea and everyone else who put this run on, we had a BLAST!

Being one of 3 40's on the trail, we look forward to getting all the grit out of our teeth and the dust out of our... well it's everywhere!

Seriously though, what a great group of people to wheel with, camp with, and just sit and chill out with.

My highlight was leaving Camp Hale today at 9am and driving until nearly 3pm and not even touching pavement! Stacy loved the beautiful views, wild flowers and camping in a tent for the first time. We ran the Lime Creek trail and had a great lunch with an awesome view. The wheeling was great.

Thanks again everyone! I am looking forward to any pics you might have of us, as we didn't have a camera with us... Maybe shoot me a PM and I will send you my email address? Thanks!

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