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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
Well even if Steve is the only one who remembers his homies at least others are taking care of us!

It's a bit harder to post pictures from area BFE than a Hotel

First off great event even though the weather was horrible. The weather would have impacted us at Slickrock too. Nights went below freezing with rain and snow. Wednesday was record winds for the whole area. Although, the weather during the trail rides was perfect once they started

The location was great, only drawback being far from town. Some say that's a plus, but thats personal preference.

The Committee did an outstanding job with all the logistics for this new event pulling off in my opinion, one of the most successful Cruise Moab's ever even with the weather. Many people volunteered a stepped up to make this a successful event.

The bathrooms and showers were nicer than slick rock.

The food was awesome.

We have a lot of lessons learned to make the event even better for next year

Here are some pictures

1st Cheesman on tip yoe behind the rocks pre-run
2nd and 3rd: Robbie directing through a Spots on Golden Spike
A couple of me on Golden spiuke coutesy of Kevin Patterson
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