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My friend Dan and I had a great time. We left at 7:30 am Sunday and missed the real snow and stuff on the passes.

In 4 days of wheelin’ we ran – Hells Revenge (including the Gate) and Behind the Rocks, Cliff hanger and BFE night run, AREA BFE difficult and Metal Masher and the Golden Spike. So the JadeRunner is showing some serious trail scars but no breakage. I have a problem with my front ARB locker shooting fluid out the breather. The front locker was sure nice to have when it worked.

Area BFE was great. I enjoyed wheelln’ the BFE trails. Especially, when you can go all over following various two tracks. But, those trails can beat your rig up with all the loose rocks. It made me want to get back to the Utah slickrock trails that make Moab so unique.
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