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Originally Posted by BryanF View Post
Had a blast. It was worth the trip to watch Perry in the washes on Wipe Out hill trail. Can't wait for his pics. We tore down sat. after wipe out and headed East. When we came across Vail about 10:30 sat night I was feeling for the rumble strip the snow was so fast. Pretty spooky for a guy from 400feet. Think I might have had a hallucination or 2 somewhere in Kansas. Made it back in 20:15, 1296 miles from BFE to home.
Glad you enjoyed that as much as I did. Bummed though that I couldnt go back to the wash at the begining of the trail. Now that's fun!. Start working on pics tonight.

Originally Posted by CardinalFJ60 View Post
Wow. this was my first CM. I'm blown away with this incredible event. I took about 600 pics and going through them now. Here's one of my favorites from the lunch spot on Wipeout Hill.

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Shawn, that is awesome!
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