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Originally Posted by Hants View Post
I really like the Oztents. I considered getting one, but they're too long to fit in the 80. I have a pod to put on top of the 80 that it could probably fit in. But then I checked the weight -- no way I want to be hefting that thing up and down!

Can you fit it on the trailer? You might be able to fit it in the 80 if you fold up one of the 2nd row seats (I can't due to the kidlettes).

Overland Journal did a review of tents, including this one, a while ago. Let me know if you want me to dig up the article?

My Dad laughed at the trailer we got -- said that soon we'll be driving a diesel pusher...

I did like the Earth Roamer that was in Moab, though!
Your trailer is sweet, and the hospitality at the white castle was awesome
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