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Originally Posted by bumpitorcrawlit View Post
Hey Scott,

Thanks for the compliments in your pics of the crew on the BFE trails. I still think you could have walked that line. You have the gears and the width. But..........if you didn't...............body damage for sure and your rig is far to sweet to be flopping it. It was a pleasure to wheel with you. I intend to join the club and that should ensure that we wheel together again.

In answer to your questions.
1, The large lineup looks to be for the "Behind the rocks" trail.

2, The trail with the fence is "Pritchett Canyon" also in those pics is me doing my best to have Brandon run me over! Actually he was stopped at that point. As you know..............I've got that 97 runner that was rolled. You could get out the sawsall and build yourself a Pritchett Canyon ready rig!
yea that guy jumping on the stinger, i have a series of photos of him standing static, then running for the stinger, then jumping twords the stinger then the last one i posted of him on the stinger.. lol
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