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Default FT-8800 Install in a LX450

Nothing super special here but figured I would post up my install in case anyone else down the road is looking for ideas...Having a mobile rig in the LX vs. just the HT was SUPER nice Having the FT-8800 and being able to monitor two frequencies was even better.

Thanks to Nathaniel quite awhile back for the idea on the install location - I wanted to retain my PS rear cargo panel "pocket" for storage (winch controller, straps, hitch pin/lock, etc.) and he mentioned that the subwoofer support bracket makes a good base to attach the radio to. In a LX450 you don't have the subwoofer in the rear so this space is open. I found a guy on MUD parting out an 80 and for $10 or so I picked up the subwoofer bracket and hardware.

Pretty straight forward install once I figured out clearance for the radio and drilled the holes in the bracket.. Power is fed from my aux fuse block under my PS seat so the runs are short and the power seems to be "clean" enough that I don't have any problems. I remote mounted the head to a common location on the shifter console right below where the ashtray is (in my case where my CB is). I also determined that a remote speaker was needed which for now I installed under the dash on the DS on top of the dead foot dealyo until I come up with a better plan.

Note to others...If you are programming the radio with a laptop, go ahead and program the radio BEFORE remote mounting the head unit. Not rocket science but hard to read the instructions on the laptop in the rear cargo area from the front of the rig when you need to push this button and that button on the head uint

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