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to all,
I am sadly back home after unforgettable drive to Moab.
To all I met, many thanks for your hospitality. I got to do the following trails:
Monday - Chicken Corner with Joel and Dino (photographers for Toyo 4x4 mag)
Gemini Bridges with Joel and Dino

Tue - Metal Masher led by Furnum, and I got to recover Tom using my new to me setup of Dixon Bates tow hooks and master pull rope.
Wed/Thu overrnight led by Curt, entertained by Jimmy, and fed by Jeramey
Fri - Porcupine Rim led by Corbet
Sat - Fins and things led by Romer
Sun - Arches, first the road and in the PM we took a back trail into Arches led by Olef, one of Area BFE owners.
Monday - Elephant Hill with Jonathan
Tue/Wed - White Rim with Jonathan - camping at Tylor canyon
Thu - heading home 600 miles east
Fri - 1150 miles driving east
Sat - about 350 miles getting home 1pm.

Overall, - unforgettable journey.

You can see daily pictures here:
96 LX450
Albany, NY
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