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It occurred to me to explain why these caught my eye. This 33cm spectrum (as well as 13cm and 5cm) is wide open to experimentation and there are hams messing with mobile amateur WiFi with retasked business radios like these. Basically they are TCP/IP wireless networks, essentially area wide Internet through your mobile and portable ham radios. Packet radio on steroids and it only takes a few inch tall antenna on your house roof or truck or an old business handie.

Screw your housebound 500mW DSL wireless router and laptop, you could have a 100W mobile one where your laptop could surf from 30 miles instead of 100 feet from the base. And no ridiculous tethering restriction by AT&T of your iPhone or reoccurring Sprint monthly. I think they have also been linked through digipeaters, which expands your WiFi even more.
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