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Originally Posted by wesintl View Post
in the 40 I could see you wanting the 2900. 75 w of power and 3w speaker so you can hear with all the road noise. Otherwise dual monitor is sweet to be able to monitor repeater and simplex. remote mouting is nice too. I have dual monitor in with the ftm-350 and want another because I want to be able to aprs, repeater and simplex. Now i know why guys have 2-3 antennas on the vehicle

the 1802 i have is nice and simple but even though it's fairly easy to switch freq it's a pita once you have a dual.

also get an HT and crossband repeat could be real useful for you in the backcountry martin.
The crossband repeat with an HT would be cool, I need to spend an afternoon reading the manual on this thing.

I might install the 8800 in our truck and get a 2900 for the 40 though. I don't like the fan on the 8800 especially with all the dust in an open top 40, and I don't need the remote mount face with where I have it mounted.


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