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So, like I was saying, CB's were only intended to provide basic LOS, short range communications cheaply. None of the 4x4 clubs mandate a HAM radio but they all require CB, so most people on the trail will only have CB. Get one.

Also, get the least expensive and smallest antenna that works on your rig. All the hooha about big, high gain antennas is just that, makes virtually no difference on CB's especially if you're just trying to talk within your trail group. The CB will only be good for talking within your trail group or chatting with folks for a mile or so each direction on the highway.

If for some reason you are fascinated by the ability to talk to someone in their car when they are 100 miles away, and using a cell phone isn't adequate, then get a HAM radio .

Speaking of which, Dave, what did you end up doing on the mic cable for that unit you were repairing?
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