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Default what cb to get?

Hello Tim, are you guys getting used to your new digs? Congrats on the 84' Hi-lux w/front drive axle,and low range gearset for use on high angle roads or poor traction surfaces! I use a Uniden 520 in each of my pick-ups.Both with adj. squelch and gain.Both tuned from "Radio Svc Cntr",303 922 8107. Nice guy Steve, from the time when all radios had tubes. Anyhow on the 1st gen. the radio is bolted to the front of my bobbed "Tuffy" just behind the t-case shifter.The speaker not too far from my ear. On the second gen. the radio fits nicely under the factory stereo location,in the console,once you remove the cubby storage slot.With nothing under the radio I can hear the transmissions rather well,"pump up the volume" as needed. Wilson antenna's are great. On the trail I pick up the leader and tail gunner all the time.Both are magnet mount even! You can move em easy when the tree's are low. I use a "little will" on the bed mounted tool box (gull wing).The tool box is grounded to my frame. This works well for me,no hole to drill in my roof nor headliner to pull down(yeah I still have one) then put back. Radio Svc Cntr is a one man show, hours are tue,wed,fri 9-6 and sat 10-2. Cheers!
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