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Semantics: The drag link is any rod that connects to the pitman arm. The rod that is adjusted for toe-in is called the relay rod; it relays between one steering arm and the other. Going by memory, I believe factory toe-in should be around .1", but a quarter inch won't hurt, especially with larger than stock tires. There is also a spec for the relay rod adjustment length, from the center of the TRE to the center of the other TRE, which will give the correct toe-in. I don't have the FSM in front of me, otherwise I'd post it up.

Hint: before attempting to rotate any tie rod, spray some penetrating oil on the threads first. They are always hella-rusted. Heat with a torch if necessary to get the rust freed up. Also, I have found that a big honkin' screwdriver in the groove turns the rod more easily than a big pipe wrench on the OD does.
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