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Default '64 FJ Build

Here's the plan for my '64 FJ40: I'd like to keep the stock look but make a decent daily driver. My commute is roughtly 60 miles and 1/2 of it is through the mountains here in CO. I'm in the process of swapping axles as we speak to 1976's. So here's what else I plan to do:

1. 33" Tires
2. 3.70 Gears
3. 4-speed tranny
4. Keep 3-speed T/C but add an Orion if I can- Anybody know?
5. 2" lift w/ shakle reversal.
6. Add power steering
7. Drive the "F" until it dies and then swap in the "2F" I'm rebuilding.
8. Lock front and rear w/ ARB's
9. Add a full cage, seat belts, ARB style bumpers, and a winch.
10. Might put a soft top on.

So much for the stock look!!! Currently the she has a "home paint job" that kept the rust down but looks crappy. Once I've made the modifications I'm sure I'll be out of money. I'm hoping to drive her for awhile and work out the bugs. Once the FJ fund has been "refunded" I'd like to tear her down and do a frame off resto. Let me know what you think, all opinions welcome!!!
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