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Default Newbie HAM radio question

New to HAM, technician license posted today , and new to the forum, though I've been on MUD and in Colorado Land Cruisers in the Springs under CO_Hunter. Looking for a radio, been reading lots here and other places. My motivation for HAM was mainly the time I spend in remote places (on foot) so I think an HT is in order. I've narrowed it down the Yaesu FT60r, VX-7 and Kenwood TH-F6a, I have a line on used VX-5 for 150, but for the price I think the others may be worth it.

They each have ups and downs, including price but I don't want to out grow it soon either, I'm leaning FT60r.

My main features are dual band, dual receive would be nice, the FT60r has EAI which seems like a good feature considering my motivation for buying one.

AA battery option for full power trnsmit seems like a big plus.

How important is a squelch dial vs. digital squelch, I have read complaints on that.

APRS (I have a Delorme PN30) would be nice, it is a maybe for the future so would I need a TNC and laptop?

I recognize a new antenna would likely needed, one for HT then magmount or other for vehicle. So are all the other bells whistles on the other 2 radios worth the extra money?

Are the other radios better for use with a vehicle or home amplifier?

For home use are there external antenna options that would be better than a basic whip? I live in South Springs and would rather use simplex for practicing rather than repeater all the time.

I may turn a wheeling trip up Rampart area into a trip to HRO this Sat. I wish our club was as active in HAM as you guys. Sorry if some of the questions are pretty elementary and repeating. Some of the posts were several years old and I was hoping for some up to date info. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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