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Originally Posted by 80lolux4x4 View Post
Congrats on getting your ticket Leon, .... If you'd like to borrow it for a few weeks to see if it is really enough radio for you, I'd be happy to loan it to you.

I think you'll find that you'll want a mobile rig with 50w tho.
John, thanks and what a great offer! I may take you up on that sometime. I went to HRO this afternoon and looked at the HT's I mentioned as well as the 7900 and 8800. Not a big store, but loaded with cool!. So after much discussion with the helpful guys there that reiterated much of was said here, I got the 7900 (price included detachable kit). Tough decision for sure between mobile and HT then between the 7900 and 8800. Just couldn't justify the price up to the 8800.

Originally Posted by corsair23 View Post
Not sure you need all 3 right off the bat, that is for sure. Unless of course you're planning to sit at home in your tighty whities and do a lot of rag chewing

Having a HT with you in the back country won't guarantee you'll be able to reach someone in an emergency with it either though...But assuming you can make it back to the truck with the mobile rig in case of an emergency might be a mistake as well...
Hey, who told you what I was planning!

But you're right I had to balance all the tradeoff's of possible scenario's in and out of the truck. Doesn't mean I won't eventually get an HT.

Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
My point is only not to spend a ton of money on an HT if it's your first and really don't spend a ton of money on your first radio period.
Seems that using 8800 as repeater may work in some but not most of my circumstances, due to same issues of hitting any repeater, so that was part of the decision for 7900 and it still seems pretty versatile.

Hopefully, I didn't over spend seems like this was a good compromise. I really didn't intend to buy today but the special with the detach kit tipped it.

I really appreciate all the candid discussion, it really did help. So I'll be reading the manual of the next few days figuring out how to program and will probably get the software kit eventually.

Hopefully I'll be able to go out on the trail with you guys sometime. I poked around the site a bit and didn't see where you have a yearly run schedule.

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