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Thanks for the links. I had seen those pages but I was looking for something kind of like we do, where monthly trips are planned in advance and then people will post up impromptu runs. The challenge would be figuring out which trips you ham guys will be going on.

As for the antenna, didn't get one yet. Figured I'd set the radio on the mantle and stare at the radio for a while. Just kidding, a friend has offered up a 2m magmount so I can at least try the 2m band while I mull over antenna options. Deciding on a radio was hard enough yesterday. I'll be up in Denver again next weekend, daughter has lacrosse jamboree up there so I can swing by HRO and get an antenna then.

Mobile antennas is one area I have not spent much time researching too much, not yet anyway. corsair23, is the rear hatch the preferred mount location on a 80 series?

I do see a homebrew J pole in my not too distant future.
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