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Originally Posted by CO Hunter View Post
Hopefully, I didn't over spend seems like this was a good compromise.
Nah, you got a nice middle of the road radio. Pretty sure that (and it's cousin the previous FT-7800) is the first new radio for probably 75% of the club. You don't give up anything performance-wise to the FT-8800R, gain a couple of nice things, lose the dual VFO and dual tuner. If the choice is 1 x FT8800 or 1 x FT-7900 and a used (or even new) HT sooner then there is no comparison IMVHO.

I agree with Howard, drill the hole and be done with it. It's like ripping off a bandaid, just gotta grimace and do it. FWIW I run a Larsen NMO 2/70 dual band antenna and am very happy with it. But honestly for 2m and 70cm there are tons of fine choices, look for one that is around 3~4dBi of gain and has what seems well made.

If you don't want to drill the hole, then the next best option are the edge mounts with set screws. They bite into the paint a bit and can generally give you a decent enough ground coupling. Mag mounts in my view are not great unless you really don't have another option. They scratch paint and fall off and perform worse than better ways of mounting.
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