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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
.. but congrats on the ticket and the 7900, great choice!
Thanks, I got the transceiver mounted today, driver side kick panel area, tucked up and out of the way. Plus I can remove it fairly easily for indoor use. Went ahead and did the CDL and 7-pin mod since I was in there anyway.

Originally Posted by chtucker View Post
.. I think the 95+ has a more traditional clip/screw set up...
I'll have to check into that, never even looked at it.

Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
If the choice is 1 x FT8800 or 1 x FT-7900 and a used (or even new) HT sooner then there is no comparison IMVHO.
That was kind of what I was thinking, but down the road a bit.

On to mount locations. I am definitely not opposed to drilling holes. The challenge I have is I put things on the roof, Yakima rocket box, canoe, half width rack. My best option on roof would be right (passenger) rear. The PO put a satellite radio antenna there but I haven't looked at it closely. A concern on roof mount is also antenna height, so as Nakman suggested two antennas is an option there. The guys at HRO mentioned that as well, the top of the roof is pretty high as is. I kind of like the idea of the fender mount Nakman has as well but is getting 50w in the face a good idea , yes newbie question? Then there is mounting in back, not on hatch itself but body, similar to fender mount.
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