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Default Rising Sun Calling

I wanted to talk about calling and listening.

I think most people know that we default to 146.460MHz simplex FM for various things. Probably also know that there are 3 back up frequencies that Nathaniel set that are universal to most band plans.

I heard Tom Rompies calling on 146.460 this afternoon while I was messing around. I only had a rubber ducky and 5W with the portable set up on our deck table. He obviously could not hear me from my fairly lousy location, so I tried him on the 147.225/145.460 repeater pair but he was not there.

I generally make a call at the start of my drive to see if anyone is listening on our simplex frequency, if it is not already in use. But more often than not it's silent.

So let's talk about our SOP. Simplex is going to be pretty hit or miss and unless you are looking for someone who knows to listen the chance of a contact is less likely.

I would like to understand why we're generally afraid of the repeaters. Most of them are open and there for hams to use. By and large you should be making your calls on a repeater and moving them to simplex if possible.

I would therefore like to lay out a sorta standard so that we know where to listen.

Since the 147.225/145.460 pair covers Denver and Boulder very well and marginally from about Castlerock up to prolly Loveland I just think these make the most sense.

So I suggest if we're looking for ragchews we start there.

It would go as follows.
  1. Listen for about 60 seconds to see if the repeater is in use.
  2. Put out a simple call such as "KD0LDX calling for any Rising Sun on frequency."
  3. Wait about 15 or 30 seconds and repeat this a couple of times. This gives a better chance if other guys are scanning that you might stop their scan.
  4. If no one returns, then switch over to some other places and repeat the same steps.
  5. Also remember that there are other popular repeaters, 145.145, 146.805/449.625, 146.640 that you might listen for familiar call signs.
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