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Yeah Matt, my morning commute particularly isn't long. But 10 minutes of chatting beats the snot out of listening to some DJ ramble about mindless crap.

Martin's problem is my point, there has never been any discussion of this and it's something that was never really talked about in the ham class. So I think the bulk of the exposure people are getting is that ham is just a stepped up CB that you use 146.460 instead of channel 4, which is very limited in scope of what's available.

Monitoring a particular repeater (or small group of them) means that no matter where you are or what you are using you will almost definitely be able to hear another Rising Sun'ner. This is particularly true I think of HTs, at home or out and about with the HT just left on you will probably never hear someone calling on 146.460 simplex but will hear a repeater call.

Do simplex when we're trying specifically to test range, events, driving to/from someone's house, etc.

To Kevin's point, next time you're at HRO (or someone is making an HRO run) ask them to pick you up the ARRL Repeater Handbook. I prefer the pocket sized one.

FWIW, some the more used Denver repeaters.
  • 145.340 FM Minus 0.6 Enc 103.5 (IRLP)
  • 145.145 FM Minus 0.6 Enc 107.2 (CRA)
  • 145.460 FM Minus 0.6 Enc 107.2 (linked to 147.225)
  • 147.225 FM Plus 0.6 Sq/Enc 107.2 (linked to 145.460)
  • 146.940 FM Minus 0.6 Enc 103.5 (RMRL)
  • 146.805 FM Minus 0.6 Enc 186.2 (linked to 447.125)
  • 447.175 FM Minus 5 Enc 186.2 (linked to 146.805)

BTW, the 147.225/146.460 machines are also linked to 145.160 down in the Springs. This has really has to be the best option to get a fellow club member.
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