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My point about Googling is you find out where the repeater is and most of the time you find out what it's coverage is and what the club who owns it wants it used for. The book does not tell you these things.

In example:

Here is the first freq from Daves list.... "145.340 FM Minus 0.6 Enc 103.5 (IRLP)"

Here is what I found on Google.....RMRL REPEATER N0PQV/R

Output: 145.340
Input: 144.740
Location: Evergreen
Access: 103.5 Hz CTCSS required/127.3 Hz CTCSS transmitted.

Colorado’s first node on the The Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP) linked system, as node #3350. There are over 1400 nodes all over the world on the IRLP network. Kent, N0PSR, is the technical lead for the RMRL 145.340 IRLP node.

In an attempt to reduce interference the 145.340 has been configured to receives the 103.5 Hz CTCSS tone and transmits a 127.3 Hz CTCSS tone.

Click here to find out the status of node #3350.

This example didn't show much more pertinent info than Dave's post but most of the time it will.
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