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I need to get back in the habit of getting on air, I am a member of the ARES D24 group in Douglas County (a great organization to participate in if you are looking for a fun way to do more community service and learn more about HAM radio at the same time) but I have been a bit absent lately.

I have a Kenwood D710 that I love (APRS built in). I usually monitor 447.150 which is where the ARES guys hang out. But since I want to monitor more than one freq at a time what I am planning to do is to put another (smaller) antenna on my front bumper and run it inside to my HT (Yaesu VX-7R) so I can monitor 3 freqs: 447.150 147.225 and another not sure which i would land on most

I am also thinking about picking up this little CB unit for the times when I have to use CB when wheeling (although I really don't like CB - been spoiled by HAM range and clarity for too long).

But to Dave's point, I would likely not hang out on simplex, I would only move there as appropriate. I would rather stay tuned into more action on the repeaters...
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