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Default Need cooling ideas

First off Im back on the forum but not as the 55 guy Im now Art Hog. I droped my acct. after 10 years and have chosen wildblue sattilite. Im surfing in the 21st century My new addy is
Next . Thanks for all the birthday wishis. As it turned I got layed off from the casino on my birthday. I don't want to go back, so Im going back to full time at what I know best. No Im not selling quarter pounds silly It's exotic dancing worked my way through school with it. NAW just kidding I never went to school. No realy Im firing up the printing press once again.
I do need some ideas on my cooling problum with the cummins. an elect. fan was origanaly installed. Once it was wired correctly, Blew the fuse when it tryed to come on, no realy, it still reaches 210-215 temps when climbing steep hills. the fan only pulls through maybe 40% of the rad. I have had one idea of a ford tarus fan, a 2 fan setup. and is it better to push or pull the air through the rad. I need to solve this so I can make it to Swine-O-Rama and the rally.

Thanks Terry "AKA art hog"
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