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I think it's a good idea Dave. And now that for the first time ever the cpu in my FT-90 locked up and I accidentally did a hard reset instead of a soft reset and lost years of saved freqs. I guess it's time to put RS freqs. in the first 10 or so memory slots.

Back in Cali i talked on repeaters all the time. We had long commutes (2 hours some times) and a regular rag chew going for about 6 years. I remember all the names and calls and even some faces. Zero calls still throw me. It's simplex that keeps me quiet...mostly because without a squelch tail I have no idea if my signal even got out. When new, this radio had an intermmiten tx problem. I always had to kerchunk before tx'ing because sometimes I didn't open the squelch on the repeaters. Have not had that problem for years but I'm still curious sometimes if the lack of response is due to no carrier.
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