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The 147.225 comes in a little better up north than the 145.460, but they both work. I was monitoring again this morning, I had forgotten about the Larry, Jerry, and Gerry show in the mornings... it's actually a real nice group I have spoken with them before, but they pretty much occupy these repeaters between 7:00 and 8:00 in the mornings. cracks me up how most of their first names rhyme... doesn't seem to phase them though.. other than the morning commute, I haven't heard much action there other times of the day so that's a good one for us to adopt somewhat.

For a while there in the morning someone was linking up a repeater from the San Diego area, and there was a couple guys from CA who were chatting regular with the group. Kind of neat from a novelty perspective, I never jumped in though it usually ends up just another chat about weather. I'd rather talk about tires, gears, and suspension mods.
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