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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
The 147.225 comes in a little better up north than the 145.460, but they both work. I was monitoring again this morning, I had forgotten about the Larry, Jerry, and Gerry show in the mornings... it's actually a real nice group I have spoken with them before, but they pretty much occupy these repeaters between 7:00 and 8:00 in the mornings. cracks me up how most of their first names rhyme... doesn't seem to phase them though.. other than the morning commute, I haven't heard much action there other times of the day so that's a good one for us to adopt somewhat.

For a while there in the morning someone was linking up a repeater from the San Diego area, and there was a couple guys from CA who were chatting regular with the group. Kind of neat from a novelty perspective, I never jumped in though it usually ends up just another chat about weather. I'd rather talk about tires, gears, and suspension mods.
Larry is in San Diego via IRLP, Jerry and Gerry are in Denver. They were having a bunch of problems with the San Diego repeater a couple of weeks ago.

You bring up a good point about order of progression. There are several lesser known repeaters that could also be used. They are used less because they do not have autopatch or IRLP or are not linked.
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