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There is an active repeater at 146.670 (Castle Rock repeater group) up on Squaw Mt. Good coverage across Denver. They also have a linked pair of repeaters at 448.500/145.400 that is less used.

I mentioned the WA2YZT linked pair at 146.805/447.175.

The Denver Radio League has a repeater at Lockheed (I think) on 146.880. This location does cover Denver metro OK but is starts to diminish beyond south metro.

The Aurora Repeater Association has a few nicely placed repeaters up on Guy Hill (northwest of Golden) with good coverage. Their VHF ones are at 147.750 and 147.720.

The Denver Radio Club has a few repeaters. One is at 145.490 up near Centennial Cone and another couple at 145.030 and 147.330 on Green Mountain. They have a UHF repeater on Squaw Mt.

Personally I say we stick with the 147.225/145.460 pair for the time being until we try some of the others for coverage and use. I know these have tremendous coverage from Castle Rock up to Loveland and with the 145.160 repeater in the Spring it's going to cover like 99% of the club members at HT power.
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