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As you are considering the FT-8800R, check the specs. As far as performance goes they are for all practical purposes going to perform the same. There are definitely differences between the two, primarily with respect to IF because the FT-8800R does UHF and so uses much higher internal frequencies. What that means is the two radios are going to react differently to local interference and intermod, so that's hard to predict. The biggest difference is going to prolly be intermod from two adjacent channels. Back 20 years ago the FM part of the band had a bit wider channel spacing than most band plans have now and so it's possible that if you listen to 146.460 and someone here in Denver is talking on 146.445 or 146.475 with a radio that is not tuned right on center and is maybe over deviating, you might get a bit of splatter where the FT-8800R might reject it a little better. Out in the field that won't matter one bit.

IC-229H (designed in about 1990)
Stability: 10ppm over -10C to + 60C
Sensitivity: 0.18uV at 12dB SINAD
Selectivity: 15KHz @ -6dB and 30KHz @ -60dB
Freq. Deviation (TX): +/- 5KHz
Spurious EMI: less than +/- 60dB
Max RX current: 500mA (squelched), 800mA (full audio)
Max TX current: 10.5A (@50W)

FT-880R (designed in about 2005)
Stability: 5ppm over -10C to + 60C
Sensitivity: 0.20uV at 12dB SINAD
Selectivity: 8KHz @ -6dB and 30KHz @ -60dB
Freq. Deviation (TX): +/- 5KHz
Spurious EMI: less than +/- 60dB
Max RX current: 500mA (squelched)
Max TX current: 8.5A (@50W)
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