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Default Cargo area alterations, phase II

Finally got around to some additional enhancements in the cargo area.. the platform & under-the-bed tupperware deal has been effective, but a little more cumbersome than I had hoped, plus there were a few shakes and squeaks that were driving me nuts. I knew going into it that was only a rough draft anyway.. and it's not until you've really used a mod that you fully appreciate what you wish you would have done differently the first time. So I took this summer's events into account, and came up with a few tweaks to what was already a pretty good idea.. hope you enjoy.

For starters is an easy one: I removed the "box" that's attached to the RR cargo panel, a cubby that I suspect holds the CD player of a 3rd row passenger? Well my third rows haven't been in for years, and I've never been able to really use this stash place.. I've had a tow strap & D ring in there forever, but that cubby is a tough stretch when you're on the trail and the tailgate's down, so I always ended up grabbing strap #2 from the storage bin. It was Red Fox who originally gave me the idea for innovative fluid storage, then one night a few months ago it just clicked.

First pic is the panel off- you can see the cubby has been removed, also I screwed a 1/4 to the inside of the wall, secured to the speaker bracket, to keep anything from touching my inverter. Ignore the Romex, we've already covered that.. Second pic is all the fluids that are now inside the wall laid out. Thing of grease, big thing of brake fluid, couple oils, a tranny oil, gear oil, couple waters and some rags. Third pic is everything happily tucked away... there's probably room for one more bottle of something, only thing to watch is that you don't crimp the sunroof drain, or pull on any wires.
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