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Default Fundamental question about mounting the Antenna

Here is what make sense to me. Let me know what you think
I have the 4x4lab rear bumper with two swings.
The tire swing has the Hi-Lift mounting point and it is where my hi-lift is mounted.

The second swing, the Jerry can carrier, also has the hi-lift mounting bracket.

What I am thinking is fabricating a bracket that mounts to the hi-lift bracket. probably a C channel type that will go up to the roof level. On top I will have some sort of a T bracket with holes for antenna mounts.

This will give me a roof level mount that is sturdy for any antenna, and because this based will be at roof level, I can use 1/4 wave antenna, as many as I want I guess. It should be easily sturdy enough for a 5/8 wavelength of any wavelength.

Although it will be above or at the roof hight, it will not be above the truck roof. Does it matter?
Will it have less "ground plane" if it is not over the roof?

Can I make it from Aluminum?

Since the bumper is powder coated, can I used grounding strap instead of scraping the powder coat?

I looked for entry points for the coax and did not find anything that is easily used.

Although radical, I would like to drill new holes and use rubber grommet, instead of poking and disturbing existing grommets.

I am sure my issues have been discussed before, but what I want to do is fairly specific. I think.

Many thanks in advance

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Albany, NY
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