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Thanks for your explanation but I need to convert this to specifics:
Bare with me:

1. my bumper is connected with bolts to the frame. Is this good enough RF grounding?

2. In front, I have heavy duty grounding 2/0 and 1/0 from both of my batteries to the engine block and to the fender. These are DC grounding, but is it also good for RF grounding?

3.I also have a 2/0 grounding in from the transfer case to the frame to assist the puny ground cable the 80 has between the body and the transmission/transfer case.

4. The swing arm is on a bearings and I presume it may not be as well connected to the bumper as I would want. So I can see how a grounding strap can help.

5. Bracket I am thinking will be securely attached to the swing. Should I but a grounding strap between the bracket and the swing?

6. up on the "shelf", see my red line in the picture, I presume I will use a grounding strap between the antenna and the shelf.

To all, I have read the existing solutions and may go with those solution. But for this thread if you bear with me and help me figure out the bracket I outlined in the OP it will be super wonderful.

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