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Default Closure

Okay, so I figured I should give this thread some closure. I mounted the Larsen 2/70 (open coil) on the roof, routed down the C pillar, along sill plate to the radio above the drivers kick panel. The face plate got mounted in din 2 below the stero head unit, extra cable stowed behind the face plate. For the speaker I ordered a 4 inch 8 ohm speaker and utilized the stock front sub woofer box (works surprising well for a $4 speaker ). I haven't done my secondary fender mount yet, HRO shipped those from Atlanta. I'm hoping the left over coax from this install will be enough for my second mount. So thanks again you guys helped a lot. I found a lot of good discussion on other threads as well and appreciate the extra time Dave (in Denver) takes to answer all the questions he does. Here are a few pics...

Name:  glory hole.jpg
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Glory hole
Name:  antenna.jpg
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Antenna (Larsen 2/70)
Name:  c pillar routing.jpg
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C pillar routing
Name:  radio locationjpg.jpg
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Name:  speaker.jpg
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Speaker location (did not use any crimp connectors)
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