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Default Operation 4runner... ENGAGE!

So... I got a job... a career going again. Have had some troubles since coming to Colorado... was about to head somewheres else, but my fate has taken a turn for the better. I have a great job... for months now... pays great, and I'm ready to get the old girl back on the path to off-road enlightenment... i.e. make the 4runner more bad-asser.

List of things to do:

1) Install headers that I've been toting around for about 18 months.
I am in a nice apartment for now, but have no garage. Does anyone want to trade a weekend of garage space for whatever I can provide? Money, beer, help on one of your projects, AutoCAD drafting, landscaping, anything I can provide? Bonus if you have a welder and can weld okay. These should be bolt on, but how many times have we all heard that? Might require some minor flange welding to get them to mate up to the cat.

2) Fix paint:
I shouldn't need any direct help on this one, but maybe some advice. I have some pretty bad oxidation on the roof. It has about killed the clear coat in a couple spots. What's the protocol? Sand and buff? Sand, and have a professional lay down new clear coat, then sand and buff? Anyone know of good paint restoration company?

Also have a couple dents. I had some paintless dent repair done on my Tacoma years ago that was amazing. He had this set of long "spoons" and massaged the dents out. The work was flawless. I have some that could use this kind of work.

Then, will need to buff out the whole thing. I think I got this covered as I have done it before to some critical acclaim. It's the big stuff I need a pro for. Also, may attempt, but may hire to fill in some scratches.

Basically, I want to restore my paint.

3) Interior:
Had a bleach stain when I bought it, on the carpet. In the back, part of the tan carpet is yellowed/whitened. Any place I can buy spray carpet dye? Saw a place once in TN a couple years ago, but didn't purchase (damm). Any suggestions?

4) Suspension tweaking:
Have adjustable King Coilovers up front. Got them as a package deal with manual hubs. Otherwise, would have gone with All-Pros or something that actually has more travel. I love the ride on the Kings, but they have no extra travel over stock, so when cranked up 2" as in my case, I loose 2" of droop. With the bigger tires, I need to decrease upward wheel travel anyways, so I was thinking, if I made or purchased spacers that would raise the suspension 1" (so about 3/8" thickness at the shock tower), I would decrease upward travel while gaining droop. Also, I wanna crank them to 2.5" lift anyways... I didn't cuz my droop is so limited already. Or should I just break down and buy coilovers with more travel? I got such a smoking deal on the Kings, I could easily get my money back. Anyone know of place I could purchase such spacers? Or can anyone fab me some up for a nominal fee?

Rear shock absorbers: Where is a good place to get some Bilstein 5100s?

5) Rear bumper:
Trailer swung around on some ice in Idaho and bashed both my rear bumper ends (also, see dents previously mentioned). I may just replace the caps, but they are about 50 bones a piece. WTF? But... had always planned on getting a nice offroad bumper built someday anyways. Maybe time to pull the trigger. Only problem is, I am not spending $1200 to get a bumper to protect against maybe $500 worth of bodywork should I hit something... Sorry Oleg... your stuff is great, but unless it's gold plated, ha ha. Anyway... anybody wanna work on fabbing a bumper (something original) with me? As I mentioned, I am pretty good with AutoCAD, and could even draw up plans/specs. Maybe one of you welders out there has always been thinking about starting a little fab business? Of course I would pay for materials and some of your time. Just a thought.

Have lots of other miscellaneous stuff too (who doesn't), but these are the biggies. If needed, I will be patient, and after my lease runs out in July, make sure to get a place with a garage... but I am rearing to go. Anyone think we could get some mutual satisfaction out of this? (yeah that sounds weird) Let me know. Even some good advice is worth at least a sixer.

Edit: I forgot to mention; I have a 5'x10' trailer with 3' sides, the use of which is also available in trade.
1996 4runner Limited, retrofitted E-locker, manual hubs, front King Coilover 2" lift, rear Landcruiser 3" lift, drop panhard bracket, 2000 4runner center console/e-brake conversion, K&N air intake, throttle body spacer, OBX headers.

Stay classy Colorado!

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