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Next is addressing the bins. I don't know if the rest of you get safety & storage catalogs at work, I must get 2 per week. Anyway I found these tubs in a C&H distributer catalog, first I've found where it appeared that a combination of smaller tubs nested together would exactly equal the height of one larger tub. This was a requirement, because the vision involved the platform doubling as the lid for the tubs, as well as a place for dogs, or more stuff. In short, I wanted a system of bins where I could tip the truck over on its side, and my tools would stay in place. (note I won't dare say drawer system, as this is a laughable mockery, at best.)

First pic shows the base of the tubs- I used some 1x2 oak strips (leftover trim from the kitchen) as borders, so the tubs will just snugly fit inside them- unable to slide back towards the seats (BIG downside to the under-the-bed things), plus they're unable to slide side to side. The rear edge of the base is secured using three of the 5 screws that hold the aluminum threshold on, longer screws go through the board and into the same anchors. Oh yeah, if you hadn't noticed already, I took the carpet out. Also removed the rearmost 3rd row latch things from the center, and the rearmost tiedowns. to further secure the base I also put wood screws up into the bottom, through the holes left by the third row latches, removing those gave me the nice flat plane I was after (another improvement from rev 1).

Yes, those are shelf brackets extending outwards. Way more than enough support for the top, plus a considerable weight reduction over the previous version, which used several boards stretched across the third row brackets on the wheel wells.
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