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Funnest part was probably transferring all my stuff from those big tupperwares into the new tubs. I cut & screwed some more oak to use as dividers, and used another piece as a shim between the two smallest bins, so they nest tightly inside the lip of their bottom one. There was 3/4" of clearance in there for some reason.. not no more!

Installed they fit just perfect. When they're all the way in the tailgate closes right against them, and they add to the understructure of the platform above. Towards the front, I installed some eyelets & turnbuckels, to further secure the unit down. Also added a few attachment points, and re-installed the pry bar, the weight of which rests on the wheel wells, secured in place by the bike hooks. Behind the tubs is a 30x15x10.5" cubby hole, accessible when you tip the 2nd row seats forward, which right now has a couple extra dog beds in it, but could conceivably house a subwoofer some day...

edit: last comments: I can still pull the tubs out when the tailgate's down, and the hatch is closed, great for airing up when the K9's must remain contained (I plug in through the slider). And best of all, this setup is completely silent. And with no moving parts, I'm hopeful it stays that way for a long time, or at least until I think of something else..
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