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Default FJ60 Weight

I just got done corner weighing the 60 and figured some of you folks might be interested in what the numbers were...

So... the truck was weighed with the following on board:

- 40 gallons of fuel
- Mead (115lbs)
- Driver in driver's seat (130lbs ( no not me))
- tools (40 lbs)
- Fridge full of beer in the back
- Chili (13lbs)
- Recovery gear in my Wagon Gear tail gate (tree strap, pulley, snatch strap, 4 shackles, tire repair kit, air hose, and a few other random doodads)

Truck setup is as follows:

- Vortec 5.3 conversion
- H55f
- Dual group 31 batteries
- York on board air compressor
- ARB lockers with associated crapola
- XD9000i Winch with synthetic cable
- Custom front winch bumper boxed to be an air tank, three shackles
- 2 x 3 1/4" wall sliders welded to frame
- Custom rear bumper with swingout tire mount and hi lift and two shackles
- inverter with 1 ga wiring
- sub with big amp
- stock interior
- yakima roof rack with bike rails and kayak mounts
- HAM and CB radios
- beefy skid plate for tranny/t case
- stock axle housings
- 35's with steel wheels

So, this is how it sits basically for around town and no camping... it's how I drive it every day.

Weights are as follows:

RR - 1913lbs
LR - 1820lbs
RF - 1200lbs
LF - 1541lbs

Total Rear = 3733lbs
Total Front = 2741lbs

Total = 6474lbs

Cross is 3020lbs or 46.6% which is pretty crummy. It's a wheeling truck though, not a race car.. .plus no ride height adjustment on this rig.

The total surprised me.
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