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Originally Posted by Jacket View Post
Any idea how much less that Vortec weighs over the old 2F? You might be pushing 7k with the old motor....
I guess the old 2F was around 750lbs... at least that's what looking around on mud brought up.

The new motor is about 520lbs...

So that's a pretty big difference but not quite enough to get it to 7k. If I hit 7k I'd reeealy feel like a fat a$$. I actually never really thought about the weight savings being good or bad, but I guess it helps.

I honestly thought that it'd be reasonably light untill I weighed it and posted this thread... then I began to realize how much crap is on the thing. I mean it looks pretty empty inside but it's still full of crap. I have no idea how heavy it is when loaded for stuff like our moab desert runs.
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